Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reaching Mormons

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Listen in as the Bible Answer Man interviews Joel Kramer of Living Hope Ministries, in Brigham City, Utah, on why he is determined to reach mormons with the true gospel of Christ!


Let's be honest with each other here. You hate Mormons. You hate every Mormon who ever lived from Joseph Smith to the most recently baptized 8-year-old. You are lying when you say you want to "save" Mormons. Born-Again Christians are all liars.

Weston, you may hate Christians, but that is your issue. I do not hate Mormons at all. I refute the false doctrines of the Mormon Church, but I am saddened and stirred to a passion to reach those who are trapped in this web of lies, with the truth of the Biblical Jesus, and the salvation He brings from this damning false religious system of Mormonism.

I have friends who are Mormon, family, and talk with Mormons daily. So, your attempt to paint me as some angry "hater of all mormons" is as sad and pathetic as can be.

You can name call all you wish, but all your doing is showing your inability to address the actual issues, and are committing the ad hominem fallacy, which all can see.

"Which all can see" You mean all 12 people who visit this lame blog? I'll live.

You're hatred is eating you alive, by the time you are 42 you will look just like Sandi Tanner, and lose all your hair like Bill McKeever. Hatred does that to a person.

Weston, by the grace of God, thousands and thousands have visited this blog, with sometimes several hundred a day. Somewhere close to 15 countries visit this blog. So yes, thousands of people are currently seeing your fallacies, name calling, and lack of argument.

You have no argument, you have no leg to stand on, and name calling might work in grade school to try to bully someone around, but that just doesn't work here. You need to start making some sort of argument if you want to comment.

Interesting how Anti-Mormons, who love and care so much about Mormons, never preach out in front of Jewish Temples. Jews are damned to hell just like Mormons are according to their beliefs, I guess it's because Anti-Mormons love Mormons so much they they preach to them.

On that show "To Catch a Predator" when those guys get caught, they will often say, "I wasn't doing anything illegal, I was only trying to warn the 13-year-old girl, because I care about her so much. I was trying to warn her of how dangerous Internet Predators can be." I believe the sexual predators about as much as I do the Chirstian-Predator when he claims he "cares about Mormons" and is "only trying to warn them".

In reality, the Anti-Mormon's motive comes from hatred.

Weston, Christians don't preach outside temples? Have you never heard of Dr. Michael Brown?

Weston, Christians preach to anyone God grants us the ability to. I myself witness to mormons, atheists, roman catholics, theists, anyone who preaches a false gospel, so your just flat out wrong.

To even attempt to compare a Christian who witnesses to the show to catch a predator is just sick. Your personal attacks need to either stop, or I will block you from posting. You are welcome to argue a point without the childish name calling.

I will debate you on this forum on any article I have posted, but I will not tolerate name calling. Period.

Hey Sugar-Shorts. You are not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. At best, you are a CHINO -Christian in Name Only. You, like all Mormon-Haters, are full of hate, lies and jealousy. You are angry with your life and think attacking Mormonism will make you good with God. It won't. In the next life, do you really think God is going to say, "Well, you vandalized three LDS churches, created 4 Anti-Mormon blogs and handed out 145 Anti-Mormon tracts. Well done kid, well done!" I mean, come on, what kind of Bible are you reading?