Friday, March 25, 2011

What do I mean not the "Biblical" Jesus?

If you have spoken very much to your Mormon friends, or if you are a Mormon, chances are you have either heard, or said, "Mormonism does not teach the true Jesus". I have said this myself, and it is not an insult, or intended to "slam" the Mormon at all. But typically, this point given by the apologist, if not followed up with an explanation, will result in spiral down of mature debate. It quickly enters the, "I'm a real Christian" .. to which the other responds, "nuh uh", and then we are not engaging in an intellectual debate, but a berating of the other person.So the question we must ask is this, does this statement have any validity? Is it possible for someone to believe in a Jesus who is "not" the Jesus that the Bible speaks of? Watch this short clip, and lets see.

Obviously, simply believing in "a" Jesus is not what is important. I can believe Jesus was a teacher, a man, the Son of the One and Only God, or A son of A God, or someone who never even existed. However, does "who Jesus is to me" really matter? Does my belief in or disbelief in who Jesus claimed to be somehow make Him true or false? Or does what the Bible said about Jesus supersede my presuppositions, and who Jesus claimed to be?

The Jesus in the Bible that we read about as a coming promise in the Old Testament, as being the Son of God made flesh being born, living, dying, and resurrected in the Gospels, and the living Jesus at the right hand of the Father in the Epistles, is the same Jesus. Some of His nature:

Eternal (John 1:1-2)
Creator (John 1:3)
Only son of God (John 3:16)
Our Eternal High Priest (Hebrews 6:20)
The 2nd person described in the Trinity (Deut. 6:4)
The mediator between God and Man (1 Tim. 2:5)
The propitiation for our sins (1 John 2:2, 1 John 4:10)
The only name by which men can be saved (Acts 4:12)
The I AM (Mark 14:62)

Is this Jesus who was just described the same Jesus as we read about in Mormon Doctrine? Some of the nature of the Mormon Jesus:

Not Eternal (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
Not the only son of God (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
Not the Eternal High Priest (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
Not a member of a triune God, but a separate God, one of many (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
Not the only mediator, but Gordon B. Hinckley and Joseph Smith (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
His death is not enough, but require a litany of works (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)
No Salvation without belief Joseph Smith is a Prophet (Click LDS.ORG Link Here)

This list is by no means completely "exhaustive", but I believe shows rather conclusively that the Jesus Christ that Christians believe in that is revealed in the Bible, is NOT the same Jesus that the Mormon church teaches their members about.

In conclusion, I have a question to ask you; if you believe in the "wrong" Jesus, or a "false" Jesus, do you have enough courage to seek Him? To find the truth of who Jesus is? Or do we expect that God will simply "overlook" our error, even though we never worshiped His Son, loved Him, or knew Him? Even though, He has revealed to us who His Son is through His written word, the Bible?

I ask that you would take that question seriously, because there is no second chance, and nothing more important than where you will spend eternity. I pray if you are a Christian you will send your mormon friends to this site. And if you are a mormon, I am praying for God to reveal the truth to you.

In Him,