Monday, June 20, 2011

The LDS Eternal Law of Progression

Dr. James White
(audio is a little poor, but a great talk)


If your child wanted to be like you when he grew up, would you be offended by that?

Weston, your analogy fails in a very simple way: we aren't gods! This is the problem with Mormonism! It teaches that dad god and mom god have baby spirit babies that can become gods. It's false. Humans have humans. God created man. That's Genesis Weston. Man was a created being, and is finite. We are children of God through adoption only, and that is only if we are His elect. Look at Ephesians 1:5, and Galatians 4:5, and Romans 8:15.

And would God be offended by His "kids" thinking they could be like Him when they grow up? What does God command? Worship of Him alone. That he alone is God, that there are no other God's, that He is the first and he last. So yes, a mortal being making himself to be as a god is a BAD idea. Read what happened with those who claimed to be a god. Like Pharaoh.