Monday, September 26, 2011

Is What We Have Now, What They Had Then? Daniel Wallace

Is what we have in our Bible's now, what the original authors really said? Does the difference in the Bible Versions mean we cannot trust the Bible at all? Do textual variatians give validity to the mormon claim that the Bible is corrupt, and needed the restoration of Joseph Smith, so much so that we have a whole new book?

Listen in as Dan Wallace provides an intense and astounding look at the reliability of the New Testament, looks at textual variations, and through evidence, and reason, builds an amazingly strong case for the validity of the Bible.

Note to mormons: If you are more interested in the truth than you are in being told what to think, this is one audio that you do not want to miss!

Note to Christians: If you want to understand how to effectively present and defend the case for the reliability of the Bible, this audio is a must!

Prepare to be challenged.

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