Saturday, November 5, 2011

Examining Facsimile One from The Book of Abraham

Watch as Bill McKeever takes viewers on a overview of what many consider to be the death knell for Mormonism, The Book of Abraham.

Examining Facsimile One from the Book of Abraham from Mormonism Research Ministry on Vimeo.

Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry. His site is


The problem with Billie McKeever is he weighs 427 pounds. Why should I take anything he says seriously? He is just trying to sell his anti-Mormon books to pay for his enormous food bill.

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Weston ... I suppose the Mormon church does not teach anything of respect or not making fun of someone?

Do you have any argument? Anything of actual worth or value to say? Do you know how sad this looks on your position?

Hey Sugar. Billie McKeever was never a Mormon and has never been to one day of college, yet he wants everyone to think he is some kind of professional Anti-Mormon. Why do you Mormon-Haters worship such con men like this? He is just trying to make money off of you.