Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Forgotten Trinity

Do Mormons hold to the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity? Do they affirm that within the one being that is God,  exists co-eternally, and co-equally 3 persons, namely the Father, Son, and Spirit? Or, do they deny the historical Christian stance of monotheism, and instead embrace polytheism?

The answer is sadly that yes, Mormons deny this core doctrine, and have instead replaced the One God, with three gods.

Dr. James White of does an hour long presentation on the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity. Within the presentation, Dr. White lays out the case for the Biblical doctrine of the trinity, why it is important, and what this means.

Watch the entire video below


Jesus did not pray to himself, that would mke him insane. Jesus was not insane, he prayed to God, a separate and distinct individual.

Weston, this post is a PERFECT example of how Mormons hold zero understanding of the trinity. Not to mention, that you just commented without watching the material your commenting on, why would you do that?

First, if Jesus prayed to Himself, that would make Him crazy, but that is not what Jesus did. Jesus, who was the God-Man, prayed to the Father. Where does Christianity teach that The Father is the Son, or the Son is the Father? No where.

John 1:1 makes clear that Jesus, the word, was in the beginning WITH God, and that He was also fully God. Not God the Father, but that He shared the same divinity as the Father, and existed eternally, and equally.

You really need to study these things before making such an outlandish comment.